Writing and Presenting

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I am a confident writer and I write constantly for technical, business, and general audiences, mostly related to technology. I have written successful tender documents and positions papers for Parliamentary select committees. I write a lot of content for the web. I also frequently create and give presentations in a variety of disciplines.

In my NZOSS role, I have been invited to write position papers, like on the implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, or why MS Windows XP users should migrate to Linux instead of digging themselves a deeper hole by sticking with Microsoft operating systems.

I have presented on topics like privacy in the Internet age, online voting, open data, IT education and open source software. I even received a personal commendation in NZ Parliament for my work on the software exclusion in the Patents Act of 2013.

Late last year, I gave a talk titled “Plugging IT into life” at the combined CITRENZ and ITX conference on my vision for improving IT education by involving the community rather than putting full responsibility onto schools.

In April 2015, I gave a keynote titled “What is Open?” at the Open Source // Open Society conference in Wellington. I also led several sessions on open source software, business models, and open standards, including an “Open Source 101” session for non-technical participants.