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After running my own open source software-focused business, Egressive, for 14 years, and then working for the open source company who acquired us, Catalyst IT, for two and a bit years, I'm ready to get back to my roots: the reason that I got into this technology business in the first place: learning, communicating, and devising great solutions to technical problems.

The Business

To facilitate that return and provide a "vehicle for opportunity", I have recently established a new company, with a working name of Lane Ventures Ltd - CN 5698556, NZBN 9429041747339.

You can peruse my Terms and Conditions of trade, or learn more about what's behind this site. If you're interested in discussing a business opportunity, a contracting gig, or another role, please contact me!

Bank Details

Lane Ventures uses Kiwibank. Payments (in NZ Dollars) can be made into 38-9016-0841390-00 LANE VENTURES LIMITED.

Tax Details

Lane Ventures GST: 116-803-771.

Private and Secure Communications

For signed and encrypted email communications, here are my GPG signature: 50EFAA94 and fingerprint: CE1E 5896 8D80 A78B E179 9E74 319B 083C 50EF AA94.

If you want video communications, I don't do Skype (it's insecure, proprietary, and owned by Microsoft, so 3 strikes against it), and I similarly don't Zoom if I can help it (although I did help them improve their proprietary Linux client a few years back) because I can't trust their proprietary software... but thankfully every modern browser has the equivalent capability built-in with WebRTC, a proposed open web standard already implemented by Mozilla Firefox, Google Chromium/Chrome, and Opera. By prior arrangement, we can have secure (encrypted end-to-end) communication via my Jitsi Meet server, or via one of the two BigBlueButton instances I manage. Both offer audio and video conferencing commoditised by open source (the former small scale, the latter large scale) for the benefit of everyone.

Personal Stuff

Outside of Free and Open Source Software, technology-related communications and the other abilities I think I possess, I've got lots of other passions as well. Or, if you want to understand how I got into the 'open' thing.

If you want to learn more about my personal activities, check out my family blog.