Dave Lane: OERF and Lane Ventures

Update 29 June 2015: I've accepted a full-time appointment from the Open Education Resource Foundation (the folks behind WikiEducator and OERu - the Open Education Resource universitas) to take up the role of Open Source Technologist. I'm chuffed to be joining them as the role seems like a great fit, and the team is very impressive! Many thanks to all of you who contacted me regarding opportunities.

These days I also maintain a technology blog that provides overviews of stuff I'm working on and specialised how-tos to help you implement some of the open source solutions I work with every day!

My name is Dave Lane. I'm a techy software guy — with a fair bit of business experience as well — based in Christchurch, New Zealand. I got into the technology business because I love the positive effect I can have on the world by sharing: learning, teaching, communicating, and thinking about the intersection between people and digital technologies. I relish the opportunity to devise great solutions to problems that I or others need. I like to build on - and contribute back to - the Free and Open Source Software "Commons".

After running my own business, Egressive, for 14 years, and then working a couple years for Catalyst IT, the great open source company who acquired us, my role was becoming increasingly "high level" - more based on judgement and experience, and less focused on technical solutions. It's been fun, and I value the skills I have developed over that time, but now I'm ready to dive back into the technology deep end. I have learned a lot about running businesses and doing what's needed to make them thrive, but I also love to get my hands dirty with code and the nitty gritty.

I am looking for the right sort of short or long term professional engagement, either project-based or as an employee, that allows me to exercise many of my interests and capabilities while being compatible with my principles. To see if we might be a good fit for one another, please have a look at my CV, and get in touch!

You can peruse my Terms and Conditions of trade, or learn more about the open source technologies and approaches behind this site.