Dave Lane: OERF and Lane Ventures

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Since 2015, I've had a full-time role as Open Source Technologist with the Open Education Resource Foundation (the folks behind WikiEducator and OERu - the Open Education Resource universitas). I'm chuffed to be in this role which gives me lots of opportunity to exercise a wide variety of skills all of which interest me.

To help folks understand what I do, I wrote this description of how we're working to democratise higher education. This is what I do from day to day.

These days I also maintain a technology blog that provides overviews of stuff I'm working on and specialised how-tos to help you implement some of the libre/open source solutions I work with every day!

My name is Dave Lane. I'm a techy software guy — with a fair bit of business experience as well — based in Christchurch, New Zealand. I got into the technology business because I love the positive effect I can have on the world by sharing: learning, teaching, communicating, and thinking about the intersection between people and digital technologies. I relish the opportunity to devise great solutions to problems that I or others need. I like to build on - and contribute back to - the Free and Open Source Software "Commons".

After running my own business, Egressive, for 14 years, and then working a couple years for Catalyst IT, the great NZ open source company who acquired Egressive, I realised my role was becoming increasingly "high level" - more based on judgement and experience, and less focused on technical solutions. It's been fun, and I value the skills I have developed over that time, but now I'm ready to dive back into the technology deep end. I have learned a lot about running businesses and doing what's needed to make them thrive, but I also love to get my hands dirty with code and the nitty gritty.

In addition to my full time role with the OER Foundation, these days I do consulting under the banner of my limited liability company, Lane Ventures, for select clients who need me to exercise my interests and capabilities and are compatible with my open principles. If you think I might be able to help you, please feel free to get in touch!

You can peruse my Terms and Conditions of trade, and my Terms of Reference. You can also learn more about the open source technologies and approaches behind this site.