Fediverse: joined by ActivityPub

I have  LOT of experience hosting and working with a broad variety of Fediverse services. They are a 'parallel open universe' of social networking services that are community-run, decentralised, open, libre, and (usually) non-profit. The Fediverse contains analogues to the many well-known proprietary corporate-run centralised for-profit social media services. The huge difference with the Fediverse is that they are all tied together by a common protocol, ActivityPub. That is the killer feature.

I participate and host (and have hosted) platforms like

In addition, I run a number of WordPress sites with the ActivityPub plugin, which allows people in the Fediverse to follow your blog posts in their feed!

For a (fairly) current list of the Fediverse services I run, see https://nzoss.nz/services or https://tech.oeru.org (latest roll call: https://tech.oeru.org/updating-oer-foundation-web-services-february-2023).

I run all of these services via Docker Compose, which provides huge flexibility and very cost/time-efficient maintenance over time.