Relationship Building

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I am a people person. I love to interact with people, to learn from them and to share what I have learned. One of my greatest pleasures is working out how I can connect to someone I meet. I find it fun to work out what interests we have in common, and what passions we can share.

When I am with my tribe – technologists who build for the same reason poets write – because they “couldn't not do it” - we spend time building or making plans to build things.

Every day I see the gulf between those for whom technology is inherently fascinating, and those for whom technology is a source of uncertainty and even fear. I love to find analogies or metaphors that help to demystify the more challenging aspects. It is gratifying to me to help someone develop a sense of comfort about – even ownership of - new ideas that they previous found threatening.

I am able to build relationships with a variety of people.