Technical Capabilities

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My technical capabilities are both broad and deep. I spend many hours per day engaged in technical pursuits, fitting my social and advocacy activities among them. Over the past 16 years, I have performed almost every role in a small IT consulting company (up to 12 staff) including all technical IT system administration, system integration, architecture design, web hosting, and software development tasks using a broad range of technologies, all open source and freely available. I am confident that I can already do most things that an IT or educational institution would need me to do, and I am certain that I will rapidly learn anything I do not already know “out-of-the-box”.

I have many years of experience with technologies like:

I seem to explore new technologies frequently. Here's a list of services I set up and maintain on behalf of the NZ Open Source Society.

I have worked with these technologies:

I am currently interested in and learning about technologies like:

I learn new technologies all the time, because I love doing it. When I have a particular problem, my broad base of experience means that I can find and assimilate the necessary technological lore quickly and effectively.

Update 2021-04-15: In the COVID19 era, I've expanded the palette of tools I support. As of 2021, I have set up and manage an array of tools on behalf of the OER Foundation to support their global educator and learner communities, as well as a range of tools for NZ users wanting to work remotely (under the auspices of the NZ Open Source Society, for whom I am currently the "Deputy Chair"), and a number of tools for my own use and communities I want to support, too.