Technical Capabilities

My technical capabilities are both broad and deep. I spend many hours per day engaged in technical pursuits, fitting my social and advocacy activities among them. Over the past 16 years, I have performed almost every role in a small IT consulting company (up to 12 staff) including all technical IT system administration, system integration, architecture design, web hosting, and software development tasks using a broad range of technologies, all open source and freely available. I am confident that I can already do most things that an IT or educational institution would need me to do, and I am certain that I will rapidly learn anything I do not already know “out-of-the-box”.

I have many years of experience with technologies like:

  • Operating System: Linux has been my primary OS on desktop and server since 1994. Currently running Debian or Ubuntu on the server and Linux Mint on the desktops and laptops
  • Email: Postfix SMTP, Dovecot IMAP/POP and other related tools like Procmail, Spamassassin, and ClamAV among others
  • DNS: Bind, PowerDNS, even DJBDNS!
  • Webserver: Apache, Nginx
  • Version Control: Git and SVN
  • Programming: C/C++ - a bit rusty, but have 5 years experience, particularly with the Qt framework
  • Scripting: PHP (16 years experience), lots of Javascript, Python, Bash, Zsh, Awk and I have decades of day-to-day experience with Linux command line tools
  • Markup: XHTML, HTML5, CSS 3, XML, XSLT
  • DevOps: Vagrant, lots and lots of Docker, LXC/D, Ansible, Drush
  • Package/Dependency Management: pip, npm, compass, composer, etc.
  • Documents: Vim, Etherpad-Lite (online collaborative editing), LibreOffice Writer
  • Computation: LibreOffice Calc, spreadsheets in general
  • Presentations: LibreOffice Impress, but my preferred tools is Reveal.JS (a recent keynote)
  • Mobile Platform: Android, particularly Cyanogen Mod, and since its demise, LineageOS.
  • Database: MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL (including some PostGIS)
  • Web Application Frameworks: Drupal, Silverstripe, lots of WordPress, and more recently, I'm a big fan of Grav
  • Web Applications: ownCloud, Piwik, Lime Survey, NextCloud+Collabora, Rocket.Chat, Discourse, Gitlab, Mastodon, Mautic, and many many others
  • Single Sign-On: SimpleSAMLPHP

I have worked with these technologies:

I am currently interested in and learning about technologies like:

I learn new technologies all the time, because I love doing it. When I have a particular problem, my broad base of experience means that I can find and assimilate the necessary technological lore quickly and effectively.