Fear of Freedom?

I am reminded of a story about a chimpanzee who has only ever known a world inside an underground laboratory.

At some stage, the chimpanzee gets a lucky break and is brought out of the lab in her cage, covered to minimise the trauma of transition.

The cage is put in an open field, and the door is opened. The chimpanzee can sense the open air, the sounds of life, the smells, the heat of the sun... Then there's the moment when the chimpanzee musters up the courage to venture out into this new world. To feel the soil and grass beneath her feet, and test this new found freedom... and the crushing heartbreak as she shrieks with fright, turns around, and rushes back into the oppressive familiarity of her cage, and refuses to leave.

I can't help but wonder if this is how many Windows users feel when they first experience Linux.

No comment...

I've suspended commenting on this site because I'm not happy with the proprietary Disqus platform I have been using as it is antithetical to much of the site's content and my own stated positions.

I originally chose Disqus because it helped to minimise the spam commenting that, previously, required a lot of administration time. I justified its use based on the idea that I always use Free and Open Source Software if a viable option exists in a particular domain. I haven't yet found something comparable that works with Drupal... but still, the cognitive dissonance of requiring people wanting to comment on my posts to sacrifice their freedom to do so became too onerous.

If you have a comment (or a suggestion on a Drupal 7-friendly, spam resistant commenting process with good admin and commenter notification recipes! - I recently tried isso, and it's cool, but sadly, not well suited to Drupal, although given it's open source, I might have a go at changing that) - get in touch!