Principles of Engagement

There are a number of principles to which I adhere for my professional activities, and I write them here to help set expectations.

  • I do not use proprietary software if there's a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) alternative.
  • I do not, as a rule, install proprietary software on my systems.
  • I almost certainly will not accept the terms of use of any 3rd party proprietary software or service. That is because I refuse to indemnify, or waive any of my rights to legal remedy or personal privacy, any corporation in order to use their proprietary software or service.
  • I do not use software provided by/licensed by the Microsoft or Apple Corporations.
  • I reserve the right to reject the use of software provided by/licensed by multinational corporations, including but not limited to the Zoom, Google, Facebook, and Amazon Corporations.

Instead, I will happily provide the use, pro bono, of equivalent FOSS technologies for the duration of any commercial engagement. I can also provide ongoing access to hosted, managed instances of those services at a reasonable price for the benefit of my customers.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

I do not sign them, on principle. I value my independence, and I do not accept unlimited liabilities.